What is recruitment?

Recruitment is a period of time during which a student can get to know the members and values of the sorority. Recruitment events are both social and informative and are opportunities for the student to find out if the organization is right for her. Our events are always FREE, so students should feel welcome to come and have fun with no obligation to join.

What is a bid?

A bid is an invitation to begin the process to join Kappa Phi Lambda. After recruitment ends, bids are given to individuals deemed to be a good fit for our organization. In order to be eligible for a bid, you must attend a set number of recruitment events and go through an interview process.


What is Kappa Phi Lambda's New Member Process like?

It is an educational period of time during which a student, or potential new member, participates in activities in order to learn about Kappa Phi Lambda's history, values, and members. There are no specific guidelines on how long the process will be, or how hard, but the point of the process is largely to challenge you and teach you more about yourself. At the end of process, new members are initiated into Kappa Phi Lambda as sisters.

Will joining affect my academics?​

Kappa Phi Lambda values academic excellence and recognizes that the reason students enter college is to receive an education. Students must maintain the minimum GPA of 2.5 in order to participate in the sorority. Additionally, the process will provide and encourage regular study hours.


Do I have to be Asian to join?​

Absolutely not! Although the sorority promotes Pan-Asian culture, we strongly encourage women of all backgrounds to consider joining. In fact, our current membership boasts of women from a diverse array of cultures. As one of our three pillars, Cultural Diversity is an essential part of the organization's identity. We believe recognizing individual members for the unique value they add makes us greater as a whole.


How will Kappa Phi Lambda enrich my college experience?​​

College is a time to explore, become well-rounded and gain the skills necessary to enter post-collegiate life. Although academics are important, there are other skills which can empower you as an individual. Social, organizational and leadership skills are just as crucial, whether you plan to enter the workforce or continue your education post-graduation. Joining a sorority can help students learn these skills and offer the opportunity to be more deeply involved within the college and local communities.


Will Kappa Phi Lambda give me opportunities for networking?​​

With 4,000+ sisters worldwide and a close bond that connects us all, there are infinite networking opportunities. Many alumnae sisters participate actively in sorority activities. They are also involved in alum-only sisterhood activities and are kept updated through an alumnae network and close friendships. Years after graduation, sisters find success both professionally and personally, all the while continuing to represent the sorority's letters.


Why Kappa Phi Lambda?​​

This may be the most important question on your mind. To answer your question, we emphasize our strong values. Although we build many friendships and memories between a diverse group of young women across generations, our ideals of cultural education and social impact is what makes Kappa Phi Lambda stand out. We believe in not only helping the community but being an important force in society. Every Asian American woman (and every woman in general) deserves to have a voice that is heard. We hope to help our members become leaders of the world.